Tarbell isn’t like other news organizations. Learn more below about how we are different. And email any questions you have to questions@tarbell.org

Why Tarbell?

America’s newsrooms have lost more than half their journalists in the last decade. This has meant massive cuts to reporting on the powerful as money and control have become further concentrated in the hands of elites. Digital storytelling and social media offers so far untapped opportunities to tell stories that help citizens learn about the powers that shape their lives. We need to invest in impactful investigative reporting to help Americans make better decisions and drive positive change.

How is Tarbell different from other newsrooms?

Existing media outlets don’t help Americans connect the dots between powerful special interests and their daily lives. Every day, Tarbell will tell stories that help you see how big money and power influence your life, either through laws enacted by politicians to benefit special interests and by business practices that corporations try to keep secret.

We will rely on members for more than financial support. We’ll ask them for story ideas and feedback on the reports we deliver. We’ll hold events, online and offline, that invite members to dive deeper into our journalism. Our members will be ambassadors that help Tarbell grow. And they will drive positive change based on the problems and solutions we bring to light.

We want to tell stories that connect with people who feel left out of America’s economy, political system or social structure.

Who is behind Tarbell?

Tarbell will be published by To Be Fair, Inc., a Philadelphia-based 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by author and journalist Wendell Potter. A former health insurance industry executive, Wendell has been writing and speaking out over the past several years about how large corporations and special interests put profits over people. Now, with Tarbell, he’s taking things a step further.

Our pre-launch period has been guided by a distinguished board of directors and board of advisors. Read more about them here.

What will my money be used for?

To tell stories that improve your life and help you strengthen our democracy. Your support will help us deliver reporting that details how powerful forces in America shape your life — and give you information to help you drive positive change.

I already pay for news. Why should I pay to launch Tarbell?

Because our mission and focus is unlike other newsrooms.

We focus on large corporations and powerful special interests, not the politicians. We tell stories that serve you, not advertisers or investors. We’re accountable to you, our readers and funders. We’re not based in New York or Washington; we tell stories about how rich and powerful people nationwide impact lives across America.

I don’t pay for news. Why should I pay to launch Tarbell?

Creating journalism that has impact is not cheap. We will not take money from advertisers or investors because we know doing so can compromise journalistic integrity. Our reader-funded model will enable us to report only for you.

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How will Tarbell be transparent?

As a nonprofit, Tarbell will file annual reports that show how we’re spending your money. Once a quarter, we’ll send our members an email that highlights stories we have told, new projects we’re planning and how we’re spending your money.

Who will Tarbell hire? Where will they work?

We will hire editors, reporters and data visualization journalists from across the country. While some will work in our Philadelphia newsroom, many will continue to work in their home communities, as will the dozens of freelance journalists who’ll also report for Tarbell.

Tarbell is committed to diversity in every sense of the word. And we’re based outside of Washington and New York for a reason. We’ll cover politics and business, but in a different way. We’ll focus on the people who hold the real power in this country, the people who write big checks to influence elections and public policy.

When will Tarbell launch?

We'll begin publishing stories to members by the end of 2017. We will launch a new website and make our journalism public in the first quarter of 2018.

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What should we cover?

Tarbell will only succeed with your support — and your ideas. What stories can we tell to help you?