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Tarbell uncovers how powerful people and companies use their influence to shape a system that works for them, not you. We highlight solutions to pressing problems. Our fiercely independent, unbiased news inspires people in all 50 U.S. states to take action.

We understand there are stories that matter to all Americans. We believe there’s journalism that can inspire people to see how much we agree. We know people want actionable, evidence-based solutions.

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Podcast   02.04.2019

Tarbell’s founder’s new podcast: The Potter Report

EP 11 – Meet the propaganda outfit fighting against Medicare For All

On this episode, Wendell and Joey introduce listeners to the propaganda shop that is fighting back against Medicare For All legislation. They’ve named the group the Partnership For America’s Health Care Future, and it comprises the biggest health care special interests and trade associations in the country — not patients and other regular folks.